Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang represent everything…. it is a balance! With this, puff!!! I had an idea to design earrings based on Yin & Yang! More designs would be available at my photo albums via http://www.facebook.com/claracraftycorner.

Yin & Yang earrings


Green fingers

Last weekend, I decided to clean up my house garden a little bit. (Yes, I do love gardening besides art & craft).  A garden of greens and full of ferns is something I enjoy to have, living in the midst of the tropical forest.

Then, I decided to use up the painted recycled bottles I had and turned them into useful items – pots for my plants.  Found an old booty at home, so make use of it as a pot for my plants too.  The turn out is not bad at all…. as shown in these pictures. 😀 and few pictures of my fern garden.

Recycled Bottle Pot! Booty Pot Recycled bottled pot

Fern GardenAir plant

Recycling & Designing! A good Combo

As I am preparing for upcoming Holiday Craft Workshops, which is very much related to recycling, I have come up with few new designs – a combo of recycling trash & and quilling.  I am happy with this concept! Can’t wait for the workshop to begin.

Here, I use recycled office paper to produce the hearts, some cardboard which is about to be thrown away, some old buttons from home… and add it on to my quilling mouses.

A Combo!

Design & Recycle

Design & Recycle

Exclusive for WOFC 2013, Sarawak Borneo

Recently, we had just participated in the fundraising for Women of Faith Conference 2013, which was held in Sarawak Borneo from 1-3 March 2013.  It was indeed a pleasure to be able to contribute to this fundraising event.

I must praise the organiser for a big success in this event.  More than 150 participants came from all over Malaysia and yes, of course it was only for women.

Here are the brooches designed and hand made for every participant of WOFC 2013.

WOFC brooches WOFC brooches

Clara's Crafty Corner's brooches on WOFC ladies.Photo courtesy of : Hobart Chai Chik Wei

Clara’s Crafty Corner’s brooches on WOFC ladies.
Photo courtesy of : Hobart Chai Chik Wei