Candy Crush!!!

Almost everyday, I see statuses on Facebook about “Candy Crush Saga” and I receive requests from friends to “Give more lives” for Candy Crush Saga.  We can’t deny the fact that majority laptops, smart phones, tablets or Ipads are installed with this feverish sweet looking game, including my own IT gadgets.  Playing the game is addictive, and it is frustrated when I am out of lives while I am eager to move on to another level.

Well… I did move on to another level for this game, when I get ideas for my new earrings creation – “The Candy Crush Series”.  Yes! It is the Candy Crush Earrings!!  Come in Candy Crush colors, I have designed them in multi colours too for different preferences.

Take a look at them!  These are very unusual pair of earrings, where each piece’s design is different though same colours are used for the set.  I began to fall in love with these earrings the moment they are glued in pieces.  What more to say if I am putting them on to match my dresses.  Hahaha….  Anyway, I am keeping a few sets for myself, while the rest are for sale. It is fantastic when the 1st set was sold within the first hour I announced it on Facebook. I know the earrings will look good on the owner.

Candy Crush Earrings Series are marked under my Limited Edition list, because I am not creating any same pieces, which is not easy to do too.  Give me a tinker if you are interested in any of these special pairs because you know, you are the one and only owner of these unique creations.

Wait! There are more colours to come! ave a blessed day ahead!

Candy Crush Saga Earrings Candy Crush Mini Earrings Striped Red Candy Crush Earrings Striped Blue Candy Crush Earrings Lucky Candy Crush Earrings Jelly Fish Candy Crush Earrings Sweet Blue Candy Crush Earrings Coconut Wheel Candy Crush Earrings


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