Quilling Candy Crush Hair clips

I am almost done with Candy Crush earrings…. though there are few more colours to go for.  Now, I present to you the candy crush hair clips.

Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip


3D Quilling – Wedding Couple

Here it goes…. after keep rolling paper for sometime, we produced something for wedding gift.  It’s the 3D wedding couple.  Do let me know what you think ya….

3D quilling - Wedding couple

Recycled Desk Drawer

It has been a while I wanted to post this up, but there was an error on Google Chrome, or WordPress itself, I was not sure.  Anyhow, I am glad I am able to put up all my postings again.

Here, let me introduce this desk drawer that I created out of recycled boxes previously.  I have been using this desk drawer since last year and saved some bucks too.  Just need to collect rectangular boxes that are big enough to turn them into desk drawers.  Also, depends how big you wanna them to be.  Then, all you need to do is to stack them up, and glue them together.  Make a handle for each drawers so it will be easy for you to open them.

Here, preview of what I created, and is still using now.

Stationery Desk Drawer 2 Stationery Desk Drawer 1