3D Stage Quilling – The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo – Part 2

This round, I am introducing few important characters that you will always hear when learning Sarawak’s history.  Iban, one of the largest tribes in Sarawak, are famous with their warrior stories, “ngajat” dance, traditional longhouses, “tuak” drink, etc.

My 3D quilling is done based on the stories I learnt about them.  In the 1st picture below, I named the Iban figurine “Rentap boy”, named after the most famous Iban warrior in Sarawak’s history.  Rentap means “Worldshaker” and he fought for freedom of his people.

While in the 2nd picture, you see Rentap boy’s friend, who is also a Iban warrior, whom I have not named him.  Both armed with their shields and “parangs”, the tattoos on their bodies represent their live stories too.  The piece of clothing they are wearing is called “chawat”.

Last but not least, the last picture was a 3D quilling on an Iban dancer.  I called her “Mala”, named after one of Rentap’s wife.  Iban ladies are very good with their “ngajat” dance and they sway away with the gongs and background musics.

Will be back soon for Part 3.

3D Quilling - Iban Boy "Rentap" - with his parang & shield 3D Quilling - Iban Dancer  3D Quilling - Rentap & friend

3D Quilling - Iban Dancer "Mala" posing gracefully


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