3D Stage Quilling – The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo – Part 3

Today, I am introducing another aspect of Sarawak, it’s art & culture.  Of course it is a huge topic to touch on, so I pick to things to touch on with my 3D quilling.

Right below, we see a totem pole, which is part of the Orang Ulu’s culture.  This carved pole, supposed to be part of the coffin of the dead warriors.  Coffins are normally placed high up, on top of the pole.  In this case, I didn’t quill the coffin.  hahaha…..  Only quill the pole, which is a beautifully carved totem pole.

Underneath, I would like to present to you the Sape boy, whom I named “Tusau”.  Originally, Tusau Padan was a very skillful man especially in arts. Being an artistic man, he played sape (a traditional lute) very well, and he could even carve and create sapes.   I quilled Tusau by looking at real life model / pictures of orang ulu holding and playing a sape.

Next part, I will show you the end product “The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo” is finally done.

3D Quilling : Carved totem pole - a Dayak Art & Religion

3D Quilling : Sape boy "Tusau" 3D Quilling : Sape boy "Tusau"


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