3D Stage Quilling – The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo – Final Part

Ta… da……. here it goes.  Finally this piece of 3D quilling is done. Yes, it’s a stage, and it represents Sarawak, Borneo generally, thus I named it “The Heart of Sarawak”.  Took me quite a while to complete the whole stage, especially the human figurines.

Now, let me explain a little…….

As you can see, we have the colourful rainforest surrounding the stage. In the rainforest, the rhinoceros hornbill can be spotted easily. While the Rafflesia is booming with glory, the Pitcher plant is growing somwhere in the forest too. Can you locate the pitcher plant?

The people of Sarawak is represented by the warrior, Rentap boy, the Iban dancer, Mala & the famous sape player, Tusau. All wearing their traditional costumes, their bodies are tattooed, which represents the story of their lives. 

The art of Sarawak can be seen on the carved totem pole behind, and on the shields in front.

Sarawak, The Land of Hornbills is filled with rich & diversed culture.  I am already thinking of making a second stage…. stay tuned.

3D Stage Quilling "The Heart of Sarawak"3D Stage Quilling "The Heart of Sarawak" a closer look3D Stage Quilling "The Heart of Sarawak" by Clara's Crafty Corner3D Stage Quilling - Peformance going on

3D Stage Quilling - Rhinoceros hornbill in The Land of Hornbills


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