About Us

Clara’s Crafty Corner originates from Sarawak, Malaysia- The Land of Hornbills within the Island of Borneo. We are specialised in handmade quilling items & creative craft. Every item is designed & created with a unique identity.

Started with a passion for art & craft since young, Clara has created various items on her own. (E.g. Handmade candles, 3D cards, gift certificates, wall decorations, wood carving, etc.) Later, she ventured into quilling, a paper art.  Designs and ideas come from admiration of God’s creation of mother nature and living things.  These lead to great adventure and imagination.

Currently, our quilling products are for sale.  Every item is handmade & crafted with details. Items range from photo frames, earrings,jewelry sets, hair accessories to candles, 3D frames, and the list goes on. We also customise designs for special occassions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new year, etc.

At the same time, we conduct creative craft workshops for adults and children. The purpose of these workshops is to promote creativities, especially for those who yet to discover their talents.  We believe that everyone is creative in their own ways!!!

Enjoy this blog and once again, WELCOME!

3D Quilling - Hornbill


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