Earth Day 2013 Recycling Craft Project

We had some fun in conjunction of this year’s Earth Day. Clara’s Crafty Corner was invited to a private club house to conduct Recycling Craft Project as an awareness program for the children.  Yeah.. why not? Everyone plays a role in “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” to clean our mother Earth, to make this world a better place.

This round, we had a sunshine morning by the pool and had real fun painting! Children we taught the idea of recycling – What is recycling, why recycle & what can we recycle?” before they laid their hands on the plastic bottles & paints.  As you can see from the pictures below, they were daring and creative with colours.  Using Coca-cola bottles, we created a classical looking vase and a  super colorful stationery holder.

We had a second project though – creation of 3D note holders.  What a shame I had forgotten to take some pictures of the children’s creation.  Hmmm… maybe another round.

It is always amazing to see the children’s creation – they produced brilliant designs and colours that normally adults can’t do.

Recycled stuffs displayCraft by the pool is funRecycled Color Plate      Designer in makingShe's 6 only, but she's serious! :D Recycling magazine Children's design & colour of vase Children's design & colour of vase & stationery holder Earth Day 2013 Recycling Craft


Green fingers

Last weekend, I decided to clean up my house garden a little bit. (Yes, I do love gardening besides art & craft).  A garden of greens and full of ferns is something I enjoy to have, living in the midst of the tropical forest.

Then, I decided to use up the painted recycled bottles I had and turned them into useful items – pots for my plants.  Found an old booty at home, so make use of it as a pot for my plants too.  The turn out is not bad at all…. as shown in these pictures. 😀 and few pictures of my fern garden.

Recycled Bottle Pot! Booty Pot Recycled bottled pot

Fern GardenAir plant