3D Quilling : – Monsters Inc.

 Just did this one recently & I simply love them.  “Sulley” or James P. Sullivan & Mike Wazowski are among few of my favourite  cartoon characters.   Took me a while to figure out how to create Sulley, so here they go….

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Minion Story – New Episode

Ehhhhmmmm..  To start with, I would like to finish off what I left incomplete previously – the minon story but with a whole new episode.

This week’s episode is about “Restaurant Three Tuns”.

20130924_184000 edit

Welcome to Restaurant Three Tuns

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Errrmm….. What’s going on inside Three Tuns?

It’s an Oprea House, I guess… ARRRggghhh

3D Quilling – Despicable Me – more Minions!!!!

Addictions for minions is on!  I have been quilling & creating minions for the past 1 week, and now, I have a better collections.  I have sold a few pieces too!  Love them and kinda “sad” to see them go ‘coz every minion I created is slightly different from the previous minion. It is kinda fun to play with them too.

3D Quilling - Minions full set

3D Quilling - Minions family 3D Quilling - Minions fun time

  3D Quilling - Minions best friends 3D Quilling - Minion playing 3D Quilling - Minions "Hey you up there, get dressed please!" 3D Quilling - Minions showering! 3D Quilling - Minions family

3D Quilling – Despicable Me – Minions

Have you watched the hottest movie in town, Despicable Me?  Everyone is rushing for the show, and we are running out of tickets over here.  Since i don’t get a chance to watch, I will make them ‘in-person” and play with them live!!!  Here they go, my 3D Quilling work on the minions!!

3D Quilling "Minions presenting "Clara's Crafty Corner" 3D Quilling - Minions in 'da house!3D Quilling - Minions visiting Tusau!  3D Quilling - Minions visiting Sarawak Borneo.   3D Quilling "Errmmm, minions just showered"  3D Quilling "Yo!!! Minions "

3D Stage Quilling – The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo – Final Part

Ta… da……. here it goes.  Finally this piece of 3D quilling is done. Yes, it’s a stage, and it represents Sarawak, Borneo generally, thus I named it “The Heart of Sarawak”.  Took me quite a while to complete the whole stage, especially the human figurines.

Now, let me explain a little…….

As you can see, we have the colourful rainforest surrounding the stage. In the rainforest, the rhinoceros hornbill can be spotted easily. While the Rafflesia is booming with glory, the Pitcher plant is growing somwhere in the forest too. Can you locate the pitcher plant?

The people of Sarawak is represented by the warrior, Rentap boy, the Iban dancer, Mala & the famous sape player, Tusau. All wearing their traditional costumes, their bodies are tattooed, which represents the story of their lives. 

The art of Sarawak can be seen on the carved totem pole behind, and on the shields in front.

Sarawak, The Land of Hornbills is filled with rich & diversed culture.  I am already thinking of making a second stage…. stay tuned.

3D Stage Quilling "The Heart of Sarawak"3D Stage Quilling "The Heart of Sarawak" a closer look3D Stage Quilling "The Heart of Sarawak" by Clara's Crafty Corner3D Stage Quilling - Peformance going on

3D Stage Quilling - Rhinoceros hornbill in The Land of Hornbills

3D Stage Quilling – The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo – Part 3

Today, I am introducing another aspect of Sarawak, it’s art & culture.  Of course it is a huge topic to touch on, so I pick to things to touch on with my 3D quilling.

Right below, we see a totem pole, which is part of the Orang Ulu’s culture.  This carved pole, supposed to be part of the coffin of the dead warriors.  Coffins are normally placed high up, on top of the pole.  In this case, I didn’t quill the coffin.  hahaha…..  Only quill the pole, which is a beautifully carved totem pole.

Underneath, I would like to present to you the Sape boy, whom I named “Tusau”.  Originally, Tusau Padan was a very skillful man especially in arts. Being an artistic man, he played sape (a traditional lute) very well, and he could even carve and create sapes.   I quilled Tusau by looking at real life model / pictures of orang ulu holding and playing a sape.

Next part, I will show you the end product “The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo” is finally done.

3D Quilling : Carved totem pole - a Dayak Art & Religion

3D Quilling : Sape boy "Tusau" 3D Quilling : Sape boy "Tusau"

3D Stage Quilling – The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo – Part 2

This round, I am introducing few important characters that you will always hear when learning Sarawak’s history.  Iban, one of the largest tribes in Sarawak, are famous with their warrior stories, “ngajat” dance, traditional longhouses, “tuak” drink, etc.

My 3D quilling is done based on the stories I learnt about them.  In the 1st picture below, I named the Iban figurine “Rentap boy”, named after the most famous Iban warrior in Sarawak’s history.  Rentap means “Worldshaker” and he fought for freedom of his people.

While in the 2nd picture, you see Rentap boy’s friend, who is also a Iban warrior, whom I have not named him.  Both armed with their shields and “parangs”, the tattoos on their bodies represent their live stories too.  The piece of clothing they are wearing is called “chawat”.

Last but not least, the last picture was a 3D quilling on an Iban dancer.  I called her “Mala”, named after one of Rentap’s wife.  Iban ladies are very good with their “ngajat” dance and they sway away with the gongs and background musics.

Will be back soon for Part 3.

3D Quilling - Iban Boy "Rentap" - with his parang & shield 3D Quilling - Iban Dancer  3D Quilling - Rentap & friend

3D Quilling - Iban Dancer "Mala" posing gracefully

3D Quilling – Birthday Farm

Recently, I just did another piece of 3D quilling – themed “Birthday Farm” for Felix’s birthday.  This round, decided to choose a few farm animals – sheep, pig, cow, ducks & chicken.  So, Felix, a city boy is celebrating his birthday vacation on a farm.

3D Quilling - Birthday farm 3D Quilling - Farm animals 3D Quilling - Farm Animals

3D Stage Quilling – The Heart of Sarawak, Borneo – Part 1

This 3D stage is especially dedicated to my motherland, Sarawak – Land of the Hornbills. For those who are far and you are wondering where Sarawak is, it is situated in the heart of Borneo Island, the 3rd largest island in the world. It is also the largest State in Malaysia.

We are unique with our rich history, culture and  and can you believe it, we have more than 40 sub-ethnic groups.  To name a few, the Ibans, Bidayuhs, Kayans, Kelabits, Kenyahs, Lumbawangs, Melanaus, Orang Ulus, Penans, and the list goes on………  Each ethic group has its own distinct language, culture and lifestyle. 

Sarawak is rich with its diversed rainforest too.  In the million years old rainforest, you can find the largest flower in the world, The Rafflesia.  Looking up, you might stumble upon the magnificent Rhinoceros Hornbill.  Not forgetting the “monkey’s cup” or the right word “The Pitcher Plant”! Well, there’s simply too much to write, so I have decided to share the stories with you, in the form of 3D Quilling.

Like drama series, I will add on different chapters as time goes by.  Today, we have a brief introduction to Sarawak.  Enjoy the album.

(For those who would like to have a 3D stage as a gift for home display, we take in orders too.)

3D Quilling - The Rafflesia 3D Quilling - The Pitcher Plant 3D Quilling - The Rhinoceros Hornbill  3D Quilling - The Rhinoceros Hornbill