Launching our latest Art Nouveau series of headbands

For all headband lovers, here is our latest series of headbands….. very limited edition as it is not easy to produce the same design all over again.

This  Art Nouveau Headbands are made from paper using quilling method.  All paper areas are coated with water proof sealants.  It is very easy to take care of them, while it is alright to wear them under light rain.

 Art Nouveau Headbands - pink  Art Nouveau Headbands - light blue


Addition to the Headbands Album

Here are my latest designs for headbands, to add in my headbands album & collections.  Created with the technique of quilling, all these quilled flowers are waterproof to withstand light water contact.  Suitable for daily use, or party.

Purply Flower Headband Rosy Blue Headband Blazing Rosy Blue Headband Blazing Rosy Red Headband Starry Rosy Headband - Blue Purply Flower Headband -2 Starry Rosy Headband - Pink Red Flowery Headband