Launching our latest Art Nouveau series of headbands

For all headband lovers, here is our latest series of headbands….. very limited edition as it is not easy to produce the same design all over again.

This  Art Nouveau Headbands are made from paper using quilling method.  All paper areas are coated with water proof sealants.  It is very easy to take care of them, while it is alright to wear them under light rain.

 Art Nouveau Headbands - pink  Art Nouveau Headbands - light blue


Quilling Candy Crush Hair clips

I am almost done with Candy Crush earrings…. though there are few more colours to go for.  Now, I present to you the candy crush hair clips.

Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip Candy Crush Hair clip

More Candy Crush!

One final note for Candy Crush series, here are the rest of Candy Crush earrings I have designed recently, while I have reached Level 199 in Candy Crush Saga.  Perhaps I will start designing more when I reach Level 200 or 300.

Charm of Frozen Time Candy Crush Earrings Charm of Life Candy Crush Earrings Bubblegum Troll Candy Crush Earrings Sweet Blue Mini Candy Crush Earrings Charm of Stripes Candy Crush Earrings Sweet Tooth Candy Crush Earrings



Exclusive for WOFC 2013, Sarawak Borneo

Recently, we had just participated in the fundraising for Women of Faith Conference 2013, which was held in Sarawak Borneo from 1-3 March 2013.  It was indeed a pleasure to be able to contribute to this fundraising event.

I must praise the organiser for a big success in this event.  More than 150 participants came from all over Malaysia and yes, of course it was only for women.

Here are the brooches designed and hand made for every participant of WOFC 2013.

WOFC brooches WOFC brooches

Clara's Crafty Corner's brooches on WOFC ladies.Photo courtesy of : Hobart Chai Chik Wei

Clara’s Crafty Corner’s brooches on WOFC ladies.
Photo courtesy of : Hobart Chai Chik Wei