Quilling – Heliconia Plant

Here is a piece of wall decor done long ago. 😉

Title : Heliconia Plant

Heliconia Plant Heliconia Plant


Happy Anniversary

Here is a big frame, done in January 2014.

Occasion : Happy Anniversary

I had added in quilling & paper mache into this project.

20140122_212359 20140122_212420 20140122_212409

3D Quilling – Wedding Frame

Recently, I was asked by a long time friend to design a wedding frame for her sister who was about to get married.   It is always a good feeling to design “love” themed photo frames, for we pour our love and designs onto the frame.

Now, this frame that you are looking has a little piggy next to the bride.  Don’t ask me why, but this is a special request from my friend.  Maybe she and her sister have a little “secret” or “code” on this!

“Happily Married”

3D Quilling - Bride & groom 3D Quilling - Bride & piggy3D Quilling - Wedding

A Historical Quilling Piece

From time to time, I have people asking me how I started quilling and when I started to venture into art & craft.  I could not remember all the details, but I do know I gave my mom the first Mother’s Day card when I was 7 years old.  How I wish I still kept the card (the card is only in my memory now).

Anyway, here is a piece of photo frame, which I made the Year 1996 – that explains the fading colour and loose quills.  This piece totally made out of recycled materials, including the cover and back of the frame.  (Materials used : – recycled colour papers, recycled plastic and cardboards).  I am glad to have this 17 years old piece with me!

1st Quilling Masterpiece