Happy Father’s Day

As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, we remember all the fathers in the world.  Father plays a vital role in the family.  He is normally recognised as the ‘Head’ of the family, the protector, the “man of the house”, the strong man, and the list goes on………  We also remember our Father above, who have created us and watch over us daily.

To all the “daddies” out there, thanks for being a ‘daddy’ to your children, and we love you. Here, this Father’s Day card is designed for a very special dad.  Hope he likes it.

This card is designed with mix materials – recycled “paper cookies”, recycled cardboard, quilling, sequins, and of course, colored paper!

Happy Father’s Day to all!

Father's Day Quilling


Recycled Desk Drawer

It has been a while I wanted to post this up, but there was an error on Google Chrome, or WordPress itself, I was not sure.  Anyhow, I am glad I am able to put up all my postings again.

Here, let me introduce this desk drawer that I created out of recycled boxes previously.  I have been using this desk drawer since last year and saved some bucks too.  Just need to collect rectangular boxes that are big enough to turn them into desk drawers.  Also, depends how big you wanna them to be.  Then, all you need to do is to stack them up, and glue them together.  Make a handle for each drawers so it will be easy for you to open them.

Here, preview of what I created, and is still using now.

Stationery Desk Drawer 2 Stationery Desk Drawer 1

Earth Day 2013 Recycling Craft Project

We had some fun in conjunction of this year’s Earth Day. Clara’s Crafty Corner was invited to a private club house to conduct Recycling Craft Project as an awareness program for the children.  Yeah.. why not? Everyone plays a role in “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” to clean our mother Earth, to make this world a better place.

This round, we had a sunshine morning by the pool and had real fun painting! Children we taught the idea of recycling – What is recycling, why recycle & what can we recycle?” before they laid their hands on the plastic bottles & paints.  As you can see from the pictures below, they were daring and creative with colours.  Using Coca-cola bottles, we created a classical looking vase and a  super colorful stationery holder.

We had a second project though – creation of 3D note holders.  What a shame I had forgotten to take some pictures of the children’s creation.  Hmmm… maybe another round.

It is always amazing to see the children’s creation – they produced brilliant designs and colours that normally adults can’t do.

Recycled stuffs displayCraft by the pool is funRecycled Color Plate      Designer in makingShe's 6 only, but she's serious! :D Recycling magazine Children's design & colour of vase Children's design & colour of vase & stationery holder Earth Day 2013 Recycling Craft

A Historical Quilling Piece

From time to time, I have people asking me how I started quilling and when I started to venture into art & craft.  I could not remember all the details, but I do know I gave my mom the first Mother’s Day card when I was 7 years old.  How I wish I still kept the card (the card is only in my memory now).

Anyway, here is a piece of photo frame, which I made the Year 1996 – that explains the fading colour and loose quills.  This piece totally made out of recycled materials, including the cover and back of the frame.  (Materials used : – recycled colour papers, recycled plastic and cardboards).  I am glad to have this 17 years old piece with me!

1st Quilling Masterpiece

Big Bang Easter Sunday

Last Sunday, I had a great time with a great bunch of children.  Together with my paper mache Easter Bunny, we met the children and created Easter eggs.  What has Easter eggs gotta do with Easter Celebration?  Traditionally, Easter eggs supposed to mean “new life”! But today, it is turned into creativity.

For this round’s Easter egg creation, I have decided to use “paste on” method instead of “painting on”.  Paste on will ensure the eggs are still edible after all the designs are done, while for painting on, we need to find the right food colourings, and non-toxic colorings.

Some of the children had dyed a colour base on the eggs using food colorings.  Then, we just gotta punch and cut lots of papers (a mixture of colour and recycled paper) and just paste it on the eggs. Simple & easy!

Colouful Easter Eggs Paper Mache Easter Bunny Happy Children Busy at workA boy's creation

Green fingers

Last weekend, I decided to clean up my house garden a little bit. (Yes, I do love gardening besides art & craft).  A garden of greens and full of ferns is something I enjoy to have, living in the midst of the tropical forest.

Then, I decided to use up the painted recycled bottles I had and turned them into useful items – pots for my plants.  Found an old booty at home, so make use of it as a pot for my plants too.  The turn out is not bad at all…. as shown in these pictures. 😀 and few pictures of my fern garden.

Recycled Bottle Pot! Booty Pot Recycled bottled pot

Fern GardenAir plant

Recycling & Designing! A good Combo

As I am preparing for upcoming Holiday Craft Workshops, which is very much related to recycling, I have come up with few new designs – a combo of recycling trash & and quilling.  I am happy with this concept! Can’t wait for the workshop to begin.

Here, I use recycled office paper to produce the hearts, some cardboard which is about to be thrown away, some old buttons from home… and add it on to my quilling mouses.

A Combo!

Design & Recycle

Design & Recycle