3D Quilling – Bride & Groom

Put in some emotions into our craft work will make wonders.  Inspirations will flow, and this is how I created this pair of bride & groom.

  3D Quilling - Wishes for the Couple

3D Quilling - Bride & Groom

3D Quilling - Bride & Groom about to Kiss

3D Quilling - The Groom 3D Quilling - The Bride 3D Quilling - Bride's hair 3D Quilling - Bride & Groom 1


3D Quilling – Wedding Frame

Recently, I was asked by a long time friend to design a wedding frame for her sister who was about to get married.   It is always a good feeling to design “love” themed photo frames, for we pour our love and designs onto the frame.

Now, this frame that you are looking has a little piggy next to the bride.  Don’t ask me why, but this is a special request from my friend.  Maybe she and her sister have a little “secret” or “code” on this!

“Happily Married”

3D Quilling - Bride & groom 3D Quilling - Bride & piggy3D Quilling - Wedding

3D Quilling – Renaissance figurines

I have been very engrosed into quilling for the past few years.  Having made hundreds of photo frames, jewelries and other stuffs, but I never put much time into quilling of 3D miniatures.  Never have the time to do that much until recenlty, when I put other stuffs on hold. Now, you are able to view more of my 3D designs especially on human & animal figurines.

These series of 3D figurines are into the Renaissance era. A few ladies & gentlemen to greet you….

Renaissance fab girl miniature The  Renaissance girls (3D Quilling) From the back Renaissance girl found a friend Renaissance miniatures (3D quilling)