Paper Quilling / Filigree

My definition of paper quilling goes like this :

“Circling up multi-coloured papers and designing them into live pieces & artwork to connect to the world!”

Paper quilling or filigree – an ancient paper craft started centuries ago is still alive till today.  Infact it is more alive than ever!!  Quillers around the world have been rolling papers daily and turn them into various designs and art pieces!  It is a very simple craft, yet can be very complicated.  It all depends on what you want to create!

My first contact with paper quilling was in the Year 1997, when I created a photo frame for home decor.  I fell in love with quilling ever since then.  The journey continues today with lots of other products created via quilling method.

I will share more information from time to time.  Stay tuned!

 31 dec 2012 2 31 dec 2012 3 31 dec 2012 rainforest page


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